Bulk SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS Marketing @ Narayan IT Services

Bulk SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS Marketing: Send free SMS to any number in India Instant and most trustworthy SMS delivery. Receive mobile generated SMS messages for marketing and promotion. Our Bulk SMS Gateway is the best Bulk SMS Provider across India offering bulk sms services at best rates with honest Gateways and APIs. We are a  leading service provider giving SMS communication from anywhere at any time.

Send SMS from the web, sms API, Desktop, Mobile with best delivery speed, also we provide 24/7 support.

No cheating | No Cutting | 100% Submission | Refund Non Delivery

Bulk SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS is the most cost-effective one. Narayan IT Services has the ability of all the various channels that are ready to reach out to prospective clients or remain in touch with existing people that of Bulk SMS Marketing, India is the most cost-effective one. Narayan IT Services, a Bulk SMS Company in Lucknow, India  has mastery in this providing customized Bulk SMS Services.

Transactional sms

Transactional SMS is used to send transaction-related messages. Likewise to inform students, OTPs, banking, old client information also we can say that transactional SMS should not be used for promotion and advertisements purpose.

Promotional sms

If you are going to promote your brand, business, offers, discounts to you customers or new number lists then you can shoot promotional sms. Promotional sms also used in only delivery to non-DND numbers and opt-in numbers. And can be sent only between 9am and 9pm.

Sms gateway integration

With our SMS gateway integration you can easily integrate SMS, Email, Voice API with Java, PHP, HTTP Scripts. And also you can use it in your website, app, software or CRM application and anywhere you want.

Otp sms

As the name suggest OTP sms gateway are used in real-time sms response. Commonly used for instant SMS to your customers especially for banking, login, step-two verification,  website-related SMS.

Voice Call

Voice Calls or bulk voice are prerecorded automated voice calls, outbound calls. call centre, Bulk Sms internet site provides. Installments reminders, security premium notices, goods and service marketing and many more.

Analysis report

Provides the statistics of the different quality scores and the scoreboard can provide information on various aspects of operational efficiency.

Task assignment strategy

  • We have exhaustive electronic databases of carrier-wise contributor besides sub-categorized according to several parameters such as social demographics, business parameters, capital-wise, country subscribers, gender based, private and market numbers.

  • We have professionals with expertise in developing slight yet very efficient and answer evoking SMS messages.
  • Our service adds metrics also review to keep you notified of growth and returns.
  • We ensure accurate results on a large scale supported by our guarantees.
  • Target precise messages to particular target groups.
  • We can set up Bulk SMS service in your systems or check it with our team, giving you freedom to concentrate on your core business also get a rich result of thousands of inquiries.

  • Narayan Bulk SMS pannel is very helpful for Institutions, Retailers, Brokers, Consultants including hospitals, Banks Tour/Travel businesses, hosting and different service provider companies.

Let us give you a small and agile bit of the excellent features which you are going to have from our end.

  • Maintain your Address Book / Phone Book.
  • Manage groups of users (like colleagues in one group, customers in other group, teams on another group) etc.
  • You can send message directly to any particular user or to a appropriate group.
  • You can program the system to post messages on a special date and time to people or groups.
  • Upload Excel Sheet, Notepad File or Comma Delimited File [.csv file] (with number and message) to transfer bulk messages without creating address book.

  • We will also grant HTTP API for integration with your personal computer or web applications/software in any languages (Also provide Sample Source Codes in different languages Asp.Net, Asp, PHP, Java, C#.Net, VB etc.)

  • Excel Plug-in also possible (You can post sms without login our web interface, save username & password into Excel and send sms without any delay.)

  • Customized/Personalize Bulk SMS Feature also available.
  • Hindi SMS or Bulk SMS in any Languages also available (i.e. Unicode SMS)
  • DND / Non-DND Filtration Available on bulk sms web interface.
  • Sender ID / CLI Available: For Transaction SMS sender id length would be 6 ALPHA Characters only (i.e. MD-WEBDEV), For Promotional SMS sender id length would be 6 Numeric Characters only (MD-666666)

  • SMS Delivery Report Available (We provide Delivery Reports latest 6 Months most)
  • Message Templates – You can save your different templates in our bulk sms software for additional use.
  • Our Bulk SMS Software also helps Template Based System, whereas you have to get the approval of needed messages template then you can send Bulk SMS with signed message templates only.

  • Optin / Optout Service – Whereas you can take optin of your customers (via Short Code/Long Code) and contacts stored in Main List. Once optin, if someone requires optout then also possible.

  • This SMS System is not only for personal use, but this is also extremely useful business tool to send immediate information to you customers.

  • Narayan Bulk SMS Software able to send thousands of messages per second (i.e. 1000 TPS)
  • We also provide White Labeled Bulk SMS Software Interface or at your own Name with your Logo and information.

  • SMS Account Expiry & Low SMS Balance Warning: Time to time our bulk SMS software sends warnings to notify you the current sms report status.

  • Process
  • Management
  • Strategy

Provides the statistics of the different quality scores and the scoreboard can provide information on various aspects of operational efficiency.