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Institute Management Software – TIMES

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Institute Management Software (TIMES) is a very powerful and the best management ERP solution to manage everything at your computer institute / Competition coaching/ Academic institute/ IIT-NEET Coaching/ Other coaching or institute etc. Digitalize your institute with TIMES institute management ERP software and beat the competition.


Institute Management Software (TIMES) is a very powerful and the best management ERP solution to manage everything at your computer institute / Competition coaching/ Academic institute/ IIT-NEET Coaching/ Other coaching or institute etc. Digitalize your institute with TIMES institute management ERP software and beat the competition

TIMES Institute Management Software how to use?

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Institute Management Software Features:

TIMES- Online enquriyEnquiry Management:

You can fill enquiry information as per your requirements. All the important fields can be automatically and manually filled also you can follow-up these enquiries. After filling the form you can take print of this form and also the student will receive an automated default SMS for Enquiry. Reminder and followup are convenient, and you can manage all in a single click.


TIMES - Student admission Admission Management:

In TIME Institute management software you can do fresh admissions as well as from old enquiry. Managing courses and their fees are very simple and useful. You will never get lose money and confused in fess handling anymore. The student will receive an automated admission SMS. You can also import and export all these admissions to excel file so you do not need to worry about anything.

Institute Management Software - Fees submitFees Collection and Reports:

We made fees submission so easy to manages old balance and also instalments. And therefore you can track your collection, fees dues, instalments and other reports. You can manage different accounts in payment submission and collection. Fees head and account head can be customized yourself. In TIMES(Institute management software) you can accept payment via different modes like banks and fees account.

Institute Management Software - ExpansesExpenses Management:

There are lots of expenses that you do on a daily basis like salary, electricity bill, rent, item purchase and many others. You can do the payment in different payment heads and keep all records safe that can be searched in a click. It’s very easy in TIMES that you can also make all customization yourself. And this software will fulfil your 99% daily problems and save more time and money for you.

Institute Management Software - Cash bookCashbook:

In the cashbook section of Institute management software, you can see all cash transactions. Easy searching and filer are also possible in the cashbook. Only you have to select the date range and click ok for all details in a single page.


Institute Management Software - DaybookDaybook:

Daybook reports are important for looking into daily income and expenses. Here you can see what you transactions have done today. You can also select a date range to see more details. If you want to list out daybook and cashbook both there is another tab name as daybook and cashbook.

Attendance management system in TIMESAttendance Management System:

In attendance tab of TIMES Institute Management Software, you can input attendance manually as well as via biometric machine. You can also send absent and present SMS to parents. You can collect a monthly report for a particular student in Attendance report. In this tab, we have included the whole attendance management system to keep track of all your information and reports.


Due balance in TIMESOutstanding Analysis:

The outstanding analysis is very important in any Institute management software. You can see records of outstanding via selecting a date range. You can also search and filter outstanding amount course wise as well as Amount wise. Even many other options included that you need regularly. The software is beyond your expectations. And we are also upgrading this software day by day. The searching features of TIMES are very powerful and simple, that is very fast and powerful in all institute and school-based ERP on the internet.

Certificate in diploma by TIMESIssue Certificate in TIMES ERP Software:

You can issue the certificate with this option after Course completion of any student when you provide Course certificate. The certificate can be customized for your institute. In this software, you can save the list of all issued certificates. You just have to provide an old or new certificate sample, and we will design your report (rpt).


permission manager in school management erp softwareUser Permission Manager:

From the user point of view, you need more security and permission to a particular user. In TIMES institute management software you can give permission to make own permissions to them. You can give allow permission to a particular user to do changes. For example, if you have given permission to Ravi to submit fees but did not allow him to edit the fees them he cannot edit or delete it. You can also create an unlimited user account in TIMES ERP software.

Financial Accounting softwareFinancial Accounting:

All Types of accounting activities can be tracked by using this module and it’ll shows in books of accounts automatically. Accounting module in TIMES Institute Management Software is so reliable and powerful that you will never need to use the other accounting software with it. Accounting module keeps track of various expenses made by the institution. Like Ledger, profit and loss, Cash Book, Balance, Income & expense account, daybook and balance sheet are available with this institute accounting software. It also has the ability to get and print vouchers, and other important documents for any accounts.

Instalment Collection in institute Management softwareInstalment Collection:

Instalment collection is extremely flexible in TIMES. You can collect instalment as you want. Also, instalment reports and pending instalment can be filtered in a click. Most importantly you can send SMS or call instant for pending fees. You can also check for upcoming instalment and collection reports. For an individual student, you can check the account statement and summary with detailed information.

Bulk SMS in coaching institute management softwareBulk SMS Integration:

You can automate your responses via bulk SMS. In TIMES Institute Management Software you can use SMS API to send automated SMS to students and parents. Suppose you want to thanks someone for Enquiry or Admission. A by default SMS will be sent while entering new enquiry, admission, Fees submit, Attendance and more. You can also send manual SMS to your students for followup and notice. The SMS API can be purchased from us or any other bulk SMS provider company like Bulk SMSText LocalNarayan SMS etc.

data back up and securityData Backup & Security: 

Firstly, the best advantage of this offline institute management software is Offline storage. All the data will be stored in your own system. Either you can take any time backup and restore it later when needed. Software is fully secured, and we also provide security updates in regular updates.


Uses Of Institute Management Software:

Institute Management Software (TIMES) is a Very useful software for most of the educational institute. Almost all computer institute, Competition Coaching, Academic coaching need this software. Because they hire staff to manage all the tasks or do it manually. But they cannot manage all these tasks like an institute management software can do. The reason is that nobody can be as fast and real-time as software in general. And you will definitely grow your business more than 100 times by improving your management via TIMES. This software can also print your Inquiry form, Admission form, fees receipt, and ID card also. You can also send Messages on Inquiry, fees submission, bulk SMS,  Attendance report etc. You can also give the limited permissions to a particular user of IMS software.

Help & Support :

Probably most of the Institutions do not know about the qualities and features of TIMES (Institute Management Software). And therefore they make excuses, that’s why we decided to provide free demo software. You can easily download this software from Narayan IT Services. And when you satisfied you can purchase the Full Version of TIMES. ARC charges are INR 2500 per year for support and updates of the software. You have to purchase Bulk SMS API from either any bulk SMS provider or Narayan IT Services. If you are interested don’t hesitate to call us for more information. When you install the software mostly it doesn’t work due to missing DLL files, in this situation immediately. While using this software if you have any problem you can call us at 7905665099



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